What We Do

 Our overarching objective is to help businesses succeed. However, many businesses suffer from inadequate professional marketing resource, to put in place well thought-through plans and strategies to help them deliver strong results.Irrespective of economic volatility, the opportunities in the West African sub region are huge but weak plans and strategies diminish maximization of these opportunities realizable for businesses. With our holistic approach, we develop smart marketing strategies and plans, provide support to deliver flawless execution to deliver profitable market share gains. Our strong network also ensures that we can source the best resource to manage execution of planned activities.

Marketing Consultancy

marketingconsultancyDigital Strategy and Content Provision
: We help our clients develop winning digital strategies to deliver competitive advantage. Our content provision takes a crack at telling our client’s larger story, thereby eliciting online conversations among consumers. We focus on ways to engage our audience, using content to drive profitable behaviors.New Product Development: Whether product or service, our scope covers Concept Validation, Launch to Results and Business Transfer to client’s operational teams.

Marketing Organization Structure and Capacity Development : the creation of a dynamic marketing organization for our clients and supporting with training tools to facilitate individual development and performance is our forte. Existing organizations can also be restructured to strengthen business management systems for efficiency


Culinary Consultancy
culinary-consultancy-nigeriaEntod provides culinary consultancy services on the platform of the 1Q Food Platter Blog

Expertise in Culinary art: we are experts in Food preparation, Production and Presentation

Culinary strategy to Culinary-related corporations : We provide our clients with a platform for commercial promotion of food products,  advertisement window for food and related products and services, blogging opportunities for food and related products and provide enriching content on site to draw-in consumers.

Recipe, menu and product development for Culinary professionals: With the finest of ingredients, we transform the well-known meals into unique and own-able cuisines. Developing new recipes, studying new ingredients to deliver great tasting, nutritionally sound, local and international meals that ensure our clients’ customers are consistently satiated.