About Entod

Vision: To be the company providing dynamic marketing services to help businesses succeed in West Africa.

Goal: Leverage local consumer and trade insights to provide tailored marketing solutions and relevant communications which help our clients achieve their business goals.

Entod Marketing Limited helps businesses in the West African market manage marketing with results. With our knowledge in the sub region, we support new and existing businesses to develop relevant marketing plans marketing plans and strategies to help them achieve objectives.

Our strong network also ensures that we source relevant connections to manage execution of planned activities, including communications, digital and offline media management, consumer promotion management. Our service offerings are divided into two broad categories; Marketing Consultancy and Culinary Consultancy.

Marketing Consultancy Culinary Consultancy
Strategy and Content Provision
in Culinary art
2. New
Product Development
Culinary strategy to Culinary-related
3.Marketing Organisation
Structure and Capacity Development
Recipe, menu and product
development to Culinary professionals


About Our CEO

Iquo Ukoh CEO entod marketing

Iquo Ukoh, quintessential professional and multi-dimensional Marketing Advisor and Expert is a distinguished fellow of Nigerian Institute of Marketing of Nigeria and a highly respected veteran within the West African Marketing Communications space.

A Digital Media aficionado and dynamic well rounded leader who has matched excellence in service delivery with character and integrity, she has extensive experience and a broad range of skills set in Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy and Implementation, driving innovation across West African markets. Under her leadership, a number of the leading brands have soared to number one market position and continue to sit pretty in their leadership spots on the continent.

Having managed many global brands for Nestle, she has strong flexibility in adapting global strategies to local application delivering accelerated market growth. Iquo is passionate about people hence her customer-centricity and insatiable drive to understand them more and more. She has groomed and shaped many leaders in her over 30years in marketing and general management in Nestle, and is an indispensable resource to the industry in as a whole.


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