Three strategies to create the perfect Social Media caption

“Benefits of using mobile phones”

“Click to learn 5 mobile marketing strategies to run a successful campaign”

At first glance and be honest, which caption are you more likely to respond to? I personally would respond quicker to the second one. Yes the first caption could work  in some cases but the advantage the second caption has are as follows;

There is a call to action:  “click to learn.” I have been prompted to perform an action that I may or may not do but at least you are answering my question of how do I find out this information?

Quantifying my expectation: There are so many articles floating around these days and sometimes it gets hard to keep up. What creative way am I going to be able to capture my readers attention? I manage their expectations with numbers. I know if I open that article, it will be brief as there are only five strategies to read through.

Qualifying my expectation: When I actually open the article, would it be worth it to me? When you tell me about 5 mobile marketing strategies what would that do for me? It would help me run a successful marketing campaign. It is important to qualify the expectation of your readers and also be creative with it.

If the goal of your social media posts are to drive traffic to your website, then it is important to take the above things into consideration. Qualify, Quantify and Create a call to action.

Have you had great success with your social media captioning?

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