Is your Brand part of consumer’s conversations?

It is certainly a Consumer’s world that we live in today.Consumers have so many choices and we seem to be providing them with even more on a daily basis. We bombard them at different contact points with our communication and hope that they will see our brands, try our brands , possibly like our brands and then buy our brands and finally fall in love with and stick to our brands . Unfortunately this is not always the case. So what really makes a consumer select a brand and not the other?

There are many postulations on why consumers pick brands…the product meets their needs, they like the advertisements ,product is available, the product price is right. But as we know there are many of such products that can comfortably tick the box on all of these marketing must dos, yet the Consumer makes a choice. That you have an exciting television or radio advert does not guarantee engagement nor conversation about your brand.We need to go beyond these spot advertisements and give the Consumer something positive to talk our brands

I believe today’s Consumer has to see your brand and feel your brand at every turn and there should be something positive about your brand the (S)he is are talking or thinking about. Just like on a date we have to start that conversation and ensure that there is something to talk about or even think about every time our Consumer meets with our brand on a date . Marketing activities, media communication,promotions , innovation/renovation should create conversations.

Something tells me that the days of just 3 months or 6 months per year of marketing activities/ campaigns are gone. We need to plan our marketing investment such that we are touching the Consumer almost everyday .

Marketing investments that do not strategically plan for this type of engagement with the Consumer can prepare to take the service lane to success .

Get your Consumer talking positively about your brand and watch word of mouth do some work for you.

Author: Iquo Ukoh